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About Charcoal Concepts

Charcoal Concepts is a platform for specialist Indian food and beverage, founded by K Hospitality Corp. The company has a clear vision to conceptualize, incubate, develop and grow leading brands for Indian food and beverage. Indian food comes with a distinct and wide plethora of flavours. We, at Charcoal Concepts, are focused on inspiring innovation with a growth mind-set, keeping diverse Indian flavours and our customer first hospitality at the core of our ethos.

A platform for
Indian food and beverage

With a clear vision to conceptualize, incubate, develop, and grow leading brands for Indian food and beverage.

Focus & Brands

Under Charcoal Concepts, are some of the leading, award-winning Indian cuisine brands, serving millions of customers each year. Follow the links below to learn more about each of the brands, and their unique offerings.

Contemporary Restaurants

The leading contemporary Indian restaurant brand, serving flavours, ingredients and dishes with influences from the Undivided North of India, since 1972.

Experimental Bar And Eateries

QSR / Fast Casual

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Winner of numerous awards and recognitions over the years from local / national media, publications and writers, including:

Best North Indian, Casual Dining

Best Indian, Casual Dining

Images Most Admired Food Service Chain of the Year

Award for Excellence in Indian Cuisine

Best Regional Indian Cuisine Chain

Best Regional Standalone Restaurant


Best Indian Restaurant

Progressive Indian cuisine

Presenting the diversity of traditional Indian fare, combined with progressive presentation, vibrant colours and a captivating blend of flavours using classic culinary techniques.

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Putting our people and customers first

Prioritizing our customers before all else. We believe that passion is contagious, and our passion will help us deliver great results and exemplary food experiences for our customers.

Indian Cuisine Near Me

Superlative food with creative design and architecture

Crafting food experiences, that are more enjoyable, with impeccable and memorable touches.

Top Indian Restaurants

Globalizing Indian Flavours

Pushing boundaries and expectations around Indian cuisine. We’re bringing together great food, great ingredients, and great flavours, with a consistent taste, to the plate.

Contact Us

If you are an upcoming concept in the Indian category which is looking to grow globally, a supplier of high quality Indian ingredients, someone who is passionate for a career working with us to grow Indian cuisine, or looking for ways to work together, please reach out to us through the below form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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